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Energy Performance Certificate FAQ

Failure to follow the law

If you choose not to have an Energy Performance Certificate issued where appropriate, a trading standards officer is qualified to issue a fixed penalty notice of £200 for domestic properties. Tenants who have had an EPC completed but have not received a certificate have the right to contact trading standards directly and report the discrepancy.

How long does an EPC certificate is valid for?

The Energy performance certificate is valid for 10 years for rental properties.

How long does an EPC assessment take?

An EPC assessment will take between 45 to 60 minutes to complete for a typical 3 bed house. A complex property with one or more extensions can take longer.

What are the procedures for EPC assessments?

A qualified energy assessor will examine key items within the property such as domestic boiler, loft insulation, hot water tank, radiators, windows, double glazing etc.

Once this information is obtained it is then placed into a software program, which carries out and calculates the level of energy efficiency and levels of CO2 emissions.

Will my EPC be invalid if I carry out major changes to the property?

No. You will need to make known to the purchaser or new tenant of any changes made. If the changes are significant you should consider having the certificate renewed.

Will any floorboards need to be lifted up during the assessment?

The EPC assessment is a visual inspection only so there is no need to move or remove fixtures.

If I’m not selling or renting my property will I benefit from EPC?

Yes you will. You will find out how energy efficient your home is and what improvements could be made to reduce your energy bills. Also when you are ready to sell or rent the property, the document will be ready for you to use.

Are you CRB Checked?

Yes ALL accredited DEA’s are checked with the Criminal Records Bureau.