Why did my Gas Safety Certificate Fail

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The gas safety check certificate will indicate whether your property has passed or failed based on the finding of our gas engineer. The Gas check Certificate will explain the findings of each failure (if any) using the categories below:

“Not to Current Standards” (NCS)

Once the gas check has been completed if your gas certificate says “not to current standards” there is no immediate danger. Industry standards may change over time and as a result existing installations may not always meet the current safety requirements. These installations may not conform to current standards but are still perfectly safe. It is possible to improve the installation to meet current standards and this could improve the reliability and lifespan of the installation. If this was a recent installation, contact the registered gas business that carried out the work and ask that they correct any identified issues. For older installations your gas engineer can advise whether the installation should be brought in line with current standards.

“Immediately Dangerous” (ID)

Once the gas check has been completed if your gas certificate says “immediately dangerous” this indicates an installation which, if used or left connected to a gas supply, would be considered an immediate danger to life or property. At this point the appliance would be disconnected, with your permission, and must not be used until the necessary work has been carried out to repair the defect(s). Continuing to use an immediately dangerous installation could put lives in danger. If you refuse the gas engineer permission to disconnect the installation or an individual appliance, they will report the situation to the Gas Emergency Service Provider (ESP). The ESP has legal powers to demand entry and make the situation safe. The ESP may disconnect the gas supply to the property at this point.

“At Risk” (AR)

Once the gas check has been completed if your gas certificate says “at risk” this indicates an installation where one or more recognised faults are present which could be considered a danger to life or property without further faults developing. At this point the installation will be turned off, with your permission, and should not be used again until the fault has been repaired.

What happens next?

If your gas check has failed and you have been presented with one of the above fault codes, please ensure that you get a full report from the gas safety engineer and that you fully understand what he has explained to you. With this information you can ask the gas safe engineer to ensure that the works get done.

If you have any questions regarding your gas check certificate or any other gas related issues please do call us at LS Properties and we will advise you on how to proceed.